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Barkenpurr Veterinary Hospital

Our goal is to provide clients with the services, supplies, and advice needed to help them enjoy many happy, healthy years with their pets.
We also seek to explain diagnostic and treatment options and to work with clients to determine the course that best suits their specific needs and desires.

Barkenpurr Veterinary Hospital

Our Services

Medical Care

We are able to diagnose and treat both major and minor illness. We also offer urgent care for non-critical injuries and illness.

Surgical Care

We perform surgery on a variety of tissues including (but not limited to): the bladder, vulva, stomach, intestines, spleen and eyelids. We also excise masses, treat wounds, and repair some types of bone fracture.


We provide in-house blood work, urine tests and digital radiographs. We also have access to a professional laboratory and access to board certified veterinary consultants.

Barkenpurr Veterinary Hospital

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